Creamy Smoked Salmon & Capers Pasta

A super simple pasta that is rich and flavoured with smoked salmon  and capers.

Warning – this dish will leave you in a heavenly food coma. Perfect for days where you need comfort food that is homecooked but is fitting instead of fast food.

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What Is Restaurants Definition Of Fresh?

It was a friends birthday and I went to one of the shops that sell cakes and are known for it and asked for a customized cake after taking the order I ask the waiter to write happy birthday on the cake and she says I quote ” We can’t do that ma’am as the cakes are already cut into pieces”, which got me to say will can you tell the pastry chef not to cut it as I’m buying a full cake and I want to cut it the way I like. The waiter proceeds to say “No Ma’am the cake gets shipped from the U.S ready made and cut!” 

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